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Chat rules

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Chat rules Empty Chat rules

Post  Water is Nat Sat 16 Jan 2010, 03:03

Some people just need to break the rules in chat, so here are the chat rules...

  • No asking for staff (doesnt matter if its chat staff or ingame staff)
  • Do not spam
  • No sexual subjects in chat, this will lead in a ban.
  • Do not threat to crash our server in chat (1st, in game you fail, 2nd, you get ban in chat AND ipban in game)
  • When server is offline, DONT ask when it goes online, cause we DONT KNOW, only Pitbull knows.
  • All of the other server rules are in charge in chat.

Breaking one of these rules will lead in a kick and 2nd time is ban. Length of ban varies.

When I forgot something - message for Yannis and Pitbull - you may correct my by editing my post Smile

Also, you only get a chat rank when you are staff in chat. Owner is Main Owner (except me, I am main owner for a test Wink), Co-Owner is Owner, Admin is mod and Mod is Member.
Owners have a gold icon, moderators have white icons and members have blue icons (im talking about the chat ranks Razz)

Anyone who is claiming to be chat staff, but who CANT prove this (doesnt matter if its in-game or in-chat), don't believe him.

Water is Nat

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Water is Nat

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